Second day at Redemption Parish

We arrived at Redemption Parish CU on Wed AM and were crossing our fingers that some more members of the board would attend and the minutes would give us confirmation of what we expected.  Auntie Charity, a board member brought us the minutes.  They were quite complete and gave us a good sense of what was happening.  The most common issue we found were issues of Governance.  Defining who does what within their structure, board, supervisory committee, loans committee and education committee and management. 

In this case, there wasn’t much separation and it appeared that they most commonly all met jointly.  The loan delinquency and approval process also received some of our attention as well as the current status of their record keeping and conversion to a PC based system.  A new bookkeeper appeared to be struggling with keeping up with the paper ledgers and having no or little opportunity to add these paper records to the software. 

This is the street leading to the CU – blue truck has been our transport since we arrived.



Justine, Bruce, Auntie Charity, Gene, Yvonne and Seth. Eric was out chasing deposits. 


Our report was presented to Auntie Charity and Seth and they seemed eager to understand and implement the things we were suggesting.  Some of what we suggested was already written into their bye-laws they just weren’t using the tools within the bye-laws to make things easier. By some simple changes, following the bye-laws and separation of duties, things would be easier for all,  members, the manager, and the board and committees.  It was written but it wasn’t in practice. 

Again, the absence of most of the board and the chairman may be a telling story to see if anything is changed in 12 months if we return.  As our report is shared with CUA and their field officer I suspect there would be some followup. 


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