Team Ghana Wrapup

After Tuesday and Wednesday last CU visits, all five of the CCA coaching teams headed back from the areas where they were visiting to Accra.  Gene and I welcomed them to our place.  This has been our home for the most part of the two weeks were in Africa.  Thursday was our wrap up meeting with the executive and some of the staff at CUA.  Each of the teams provided a verbal report about each of the Credit Unions at which we had spent time.  That meant 15 verbal reports.  Lots of common themes were heard and none of what we said really was surprising to the CUA staff. 

The presence and the advice of the Canadian CU coaches in these Ghanaian CUs would go a long way to making changes that would help the development.  We had talked at each CU about our background, the Canadian CU history, and how we often faced the same issues.  The sharing of our experience was welcomed everywhere we went.   What I take away is the commonality of our opportunity and go home with a bit of a feeling that we should be reminded of our co-operative principals and the impact we can have on the lives of our members.  Adults everywhere in the world want the same thing.  An education for their children and an opportunity to have success.  That holds true in Ghana as it holds true for Canada.  

After the wrap up in CUA House – as the Central`s office is called, we have a little time for some last minute shopping and then head to the airport for our 10:30pm flight back to Heathrow.  That gets us into London at 5:30 am.  We all cross our fingers that the hotel has rooms available for that early arrival and we don`t have to wait hours to be able to check-in. 

Flight is on time, I catch a little sleep on the plane and we arrive on time. As a bonus, everyone`s luggage also arrives.  Clearing immigration and customs and a shuttle bus ride to the hotel take a couple of hours but the great news is that we have rooms ready for us and we can grab some sleep and a shower.


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