Saturday Debrief and then home

All of the coaches gathered and were led through some of the things we could expect to experience as we unwind from this adventure.  CCA has done this program for 11 years and they have learned from the past coaches.  The sharing of this will be invaluable to all of us as were head home and back to work.  There is no doubt that this experience can be life changing.  

How we deal with what we saw, smelt, felt, heard and touched will impact everyone of us that made this journey.  Everyone had different stories about what touched us the most.  We shared those stories around the room. Tears were shed and laughter was heard.  There is no doubt that we are all better people for having participated in this journey.

We were all well prepared for what we would see and we are well prepared for what we can expect to feel as we return to our normal lives.  Things will be different. I will have a different lens through which I see the world.  I certainly have a better understanding about the way Credit Unions and Co-operatives can have a role in building a better world. 

Please take 2 minutes and look at this video from CCA. 


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